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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

On 05:18 by Ana Alexander Fans
Ana Alexander is a Serbian born actress who has been involved with several movies, television series and theater productions. She is best known for her role as Liz on the TV series Chemistry where she played a policewoman involved in an intense romantic relationship with a lawyer.  Ana Alexander was also a television guest star on Las Vegas, Young and the Restless, Two and a Half Men and CSI: New York with a recurring role on CSI: Miami among other notable TV appearances.  Alexander has also appeared in several movies including Land of The Lost, Africa, Porcelain and many others. Ana Alexander actress has performed in several theater productions as well including Big White Room, Caged, Total Eclipse, Lovers and Strangers and Unckle Vanya.

As an actress, Ana Alexander can speak several languages and dialects. She is fluent in Serbian, Russian and Afrikaans. She can also speak some Polish, Italian and German. Ana Alexander is proficient in several accents including British, Russian, Romanian, Polish, Italian, French, German, Serbian, South African and a perfect American accent. Along with these linguistic talents, she is also skilled at basketball, kickboxing, martial arts (Hapkido), stage fighting, weapon handling, volleyball, handball, yoga, horseback riding, water skiing, and down hill skiing. Ana Alexander is also adept in several dance styles including jazz, ballet, hip-hop, waltz and salsa.

Ana Alexander earned her BA in theater and drama from the University of Cape Town. She has also received training through the Larry Moss Intensive, Aaron McPherson Scene Study, Lauren Nadler Scene Study and the Tom Todoroff Actors Studio Scene study in both modern and classic style. Through her extensive training and diverse talents, Ana Alexander has proven to be an extremely versatile actress.

Outside of her acting career, Ana Alexander is involved in several charitable endeavors. She is an active supporter of several charities and is particularly passionate about providing children with food, shelter, education and medical opportunities. She is actively involved with the charities Peace over Violence, Amnesty International and Saint Jude’s Hospital. She is currently working with the Bosana Foundation in their efforts to expand to help orphans who have been affected by the Yugoslavian war.

In addition to her involvement with numerous charities, Ana Alexander is also involved with several other projects. She is constantly thinking of new creative endeavors to pursue and products that have yet to be invented. Ana Alexander is currently working on two comic book series called Porcelain, which she created with her brother, and Dual Identity produced by Red Giant Entertainment. Both of these works feature a strong female lead character and has served as a creative outlet for Ana to express her concerns about world issues and explore the complex personal relationships people have with others as well as their internal struggles.

Ana Alexander has also created a line of furniture that is both functional and artistic. Her design inspiration comes from ornate antique jewelry. This exclusive line of furniture will bring an element of distinction to a room and are designed to be more than just a simple piece of furniture but rather a work of art. She is also involved as a partner in another business venture that has designed a bra called Night Lift that is worn during the night to provide women with medical and aesthetic support.